Skin Aging

 1. Causes of skin aging

Main Cause: UV Damage

Intrinsic Causes

With the physiological changes produced by age / physical condition, such as Disease, Metabolic Rate, Hormonal Status and Glycation.

External Causes

Affected by the external environment / bad habit, e.g., such as Air and Environmental Pollution, Smoking , Excess Alcohol Consumption, Malnutrition, Lack of rest / stress.


58 years old female who always expose under the sun


72 years old male monk, in his life, he stays indoor and less expose to the sunlight


1.1 Free Radical Injury

Mechanism of free radical injury:

  1. A free radical finds a combination of electronic.
  2. Steals electron from the cell membrane and binds to it.
  3. Damages cell membranes.
  4. Destroys electronics group, starts a chain reaction of free radical activity.



The Membrane Hypothesis of aging — Dr. Nagy

1.2 Free Radicals Damage

Consequences of free radicals damage:

  • Damage cell membranes, thus destructive enzymes and pollutants enter the cells
  • Damage DNA can lead to cellular mutations
  • Damage the collagen fibers of the skin